Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday - Week 4 of 2014

4 weeks already into 2015... that was fast, wasn't it?! Let's get right to it for my weigh-in this week... 

Pounds lost this week: +/- 0 lbs.
Pounds lost in 2015: -2.4 lbs. 
Pounds lost overall: -10.6 lbs.

Yep, I stayed exactly the same as last week. I guess that's good considering I traveled this week and indulged a little more than I normally would have. And to be honest, I was pretty frustrated after last week's weigh-in so I didn't stick to the plan the couple days following my weigh-in. I wasn't eating anything too extreme at all, but I just wasn't paying attention either.

So here we are, a month into 2015 and I'm only down 2.4 lbs. since the start of the new year. Definitely not where I envisioned being but this process is such a long journey. I do have numeric goals for February but more importantly I just want to stay on track and find my groove. Because I was so frustrated after last week's weigh-in, I've changed things up with my eating... more on that next week after I have a solid week (plus) under my belt. Let's just say that being hungry through this process is never going to work for me. That's been my biggest lesson over these last two weeks but more on that next week!

How was your weigh-in this week?! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Recap - Red Sox Winter Weekend

Ryan and I had such a great weekend, it was one of those that was just good for the soul. We definitely made some memories that we'll both treasure forever! One of his Christmas presents last month was tickets to the Red Sox Winter Weekend that was being held this past weekend down at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. Ryan's best friend also got the same present so we went with him and his mom, and we all just had such a great time!

We picked the boys up from school early on Friday and hit the road for the 3-hour drive. We headed straight to the casino to pick-up our registration packet for the weekend and to wander around. A lot of Red Sox fans were starting to arrive and the place was getting all set up for the events. The boys were pretty in awe of the whole casino setting... they were loving it before anything really even got started!
Ryan's "artsy" pic (as he likes to call it!)
We stayed at the Hilton about a mile away so after exploring the casino we headed back to check-in and let the boys swim in the pool. 
How stinkini' cute is he drying his hair after swimming?!
We decided to head back to casino later in the evening for a late dinner and on our way out of our hotel, we ran into our beloved Red Sox play-by-play announcers, Jerry Remy (former Red Sox 2B) and Don Orsillo. That was such a fun way to kick-off the weekend!
Once we were back at the casino we headed to where they were holding the 'Red Sox Town Hall' event. 
We hadn't purchased tickets to this one because we bought Saturday-only passes and this was the only thing being held Friday night. We stood outside the event for a bit hoping the boys could see some players as they headed into the auditorium... no such luck there but the Red Sox employees working the door offered to let us inside (for free!) to watch, so that was a nice surprise! We didn't stay long, just long enough for them to introduce the players that were there for the weekend...
I have to tell you... when they were introducing the players, I looked over at Ryan (he and his best friend were sitting a few rows away from us) and he had the biggest grin on his face... just pure joy and excitement. I hope I never forget that look because it completely melted my heart. The festivities had hardly started and I could have gone home happy in that moment just seeing the pure joy on his face.

Once the players were introduced, Red Sox executives held their 'Town Hall' meeting and we didn't bother to stay for that. We were hungry so we opted for dinner at the Hard Rock. Big mistake. It had been a while since I'd been to a Hard Rock and I'm not sure how the rest of them are but this one was absolutely disgusting. Totally not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but if you're ever in the area, don't waste your time or money :)
Twisted Mac & Cheese (that had great reviews online) tasted as bad as it looked ;)
After that it was back to our hotel for more swimming for the boys. Saturday morning we were up and back at the casino bright and early for all of the festivities. The Red Sox had one area that was full of fun stuff for the kids... wiffle ball, batting cages, etc.
With Gary from NESN (love him!)... and his camera man/photo bomber ;)
Seriously... these two play wiffle ball like it's game 7 of the World Series! ;)
Wiffle ball w/ Wally
Then we headed to wait in line... and wait in line and wait in line!;) We knew our day was going to spent waiting in line, at least for a good few hours. It wasn't at all as bad as it sounds... there were plenty of other fans there to chat with and plenty of players to watch and plenty of Red Sox memorabilia around the room to look at while we waited.
Each person was guaranteed one bracelet and that bracelet entitled you to 1 autograph from a player and 1 photo with a different player. Of course us moms gave our bracelets to our boys so they both got to wait in 2 lines for autographs and pictures. And then I got a text from the Red Sox saying I'd been selected from the wait-list so I got to get 2 more bracelets, which (of course!) went to the boys. And lastly, while Ryan was waiting in a line, a guy in front of him gave him an extra bracelet that he had. So Ryan went into the day guaranteed 1 autograph and 1 photo and by the time it was all said and done, he walked out of there with 5 autographs (some lines had 2 people signing instead of 1) and 6 pictures (because some players posed for a pic when they were signing). Definitely much more eventful than we had imagined!
Justin Masterson... Ryan was so bummed when we traded him a few years ago and is now SO happy he's back!
Dustin Pedroia
Brock Holt
My catcher and his all-time favorite catcher... Carlton Fisk!
Joe "I'm not weird, I'm a pitcher" Kelly... LOL!
Oh, you know, just a selfie w/ Pablo Sandoval!!!
Brandon Workman
Anthony Ranaudo
Red Sox great Fred Lynn... I love that my kid knows so much about the history of the game and is just as excited to meet a Red Sox legend as a current superstar!
 After that we headed to Red Sox Players vs. Red Sox Legends Family Feud and it was hysterical. Before the game got started, they had Dick Flavin, a Red Sox poet, entertain the crowd. He was both hysterical and heartwarming... he started off by talking about the game of baseball and how it brings families together. How parents share the game with their kids and it bonds them. Of course this sappy mom right here was tearing up!;) As he was finishing up, the players walked in to start the game. Ryan is a big fan of Hanley Ramirez and he was playing so that was a lot of fun for him! We laughed a lot during the game... lots of fun!
As the day was winding down, we gave the boys some money to play in the arcade for a while. There was a storm moving out so we wanted to give it plenty of time to clear before we hit the road back home.

Once we were on the road, the boys decided they wanted The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was about 30 minutes out of our way but we were happy to indulge them! I've only been to one other Cheesecake Factory and it didn't impress me much, but this one we stopped at couldn't have been better! The food and staff were absolutely fantastic! We all had a delicious meal, great cheesecake, and even better company :)
Sorry for the bad lighting but I got the Chinese Chicken Salad and it.was.amazing.
I might have also had a piece of White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake w/ chocolate crust ;)
It was fun to chat about the day and hear how much fun the boys had. We asked them if they'd rather have gotten that gift of the Red Sox Winter Weekend or something like a new Xbox One (since it probably figured out to be about the same price) and they both didn't hesitate to say they'd rather do a trip like that.
Love them!
I love making memories with my kids... I'd much rather invest in time and memories like that instead of 'stuff' and I'm glad they see the value in it too. It was a quick trip but it couldn't have been more perfectly suited for our boys. It did my soul a world of good to have a fun couple of days making memories with my favorite boy!


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday - Week 3 of 2015

Womp, womp... here it is... 

Pounds lost this week: +2.8 lbs.
Pounds lost in 2015: -2.4 lbs. 
Pounds lost overall: -10.6 lbs.

Yeah, you read that right. Scales don't lie, right?! Well let me just tell you, I didn't have a great week, I knew I wouldn't have much of a loss... but a gain?! An almost 3 lbs. gain?! Ahh, no. This is exactly why I can't put too much stock in the scale, good or bad. I'm not calling the scale a liar, but I do know that I certainly didn't do anything to gain weight this week, let alone that much.

Ehh, a not so great week. I mean, it wasn't a bad week necessarily (aside from the scale), but I definitely wasn't 'on it' like I could have/should have been. I wasn't strict with my meals the first few days of the week and I've been terrible about getting my water in... definitely things to focus on this week!

You know what, though? I'm not even mad. Sure I would've liked to have lost a couple more lbs. this week and be that much closer to my goal... but I know this is a marathon, I know there's going to be small bumps along the way, I just have to keep going. And I am. My slip-ups aren't derailing me, they're not throwing me off track... they're a part of this whole journey and I'm not naive enough to think they'll never happen. As much as they suck, I'm just not dwelling on them... I'm using it as fuel for this next week ahead and letting it motivate me to stay on track. It is what it is. Onward and upward to this new week!

How was your weigh-in this week?

Weigh-In Wednesday

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Organizational Tips & Tricks

I'm linking up with Andrea today and I'm pretty excited because her "Show and Tell Tuesdays" link-up this week is totally speaking my love language... organization! Being a busy mom and an anxious person means that I have to be organized... I seriously can't imagine how I'd even begin to function if I wasn't an organized person. Even sometimes when the outside looks messy you can be assured that there's always organization at the base of our world! I'm pretty excited to read all the other blogs that link-up today because I'm always open to new tricks to help us stay on track. Here are a few ways I keep my family organized... 
My iPhone calendar. I know a lot of people prefer paper planners but I'd rather have one less thing to carry around so I use the calendar in my phone. And I use it religiously. Any Dr.'s appointment, dentist appointment, practice, school function. or simple reminder that I need goes into my calendar the second that it's scheduled. I'd most definitely forget things if I didn't put them in my calendar so having them there gives me total peace of mind. I always consult that calendar before making a new appointment and enter the new appointments as soon as I make them. That way I can throw away the small appointment cards and don't need to further jot down any reminders... it's in my phone and I'm good to go.
(Our calendar is definitely not that empty these days!)

Chalkboard calendar. This one is more for my kids because I finally learned that although I'm super organized, I wasn't giving my kids the tools they needed to be organized. Every week we write down all of the week's activities so they have visibility to our schedule. This way they don't have to wonder what's going on each day or what they need to be prepared for.

Delegate. This one took me too long to learn but it's one of the most helpful in our house. My kids keep me busy... between doctors and dentists and orthodontists and cheer and tumbling and baseball and soccer and school and work we are always on the go. Packing bags for every thing every day used to be a major source of stress for me... not that I minded doing it but more so that I just needed to be sure that everyone had everything they needed at all times. And then I let it go. I finally realized that if my kids are old enough to have these activities everyday that they're old enough to organize themselves and prepare for them appropriately. We've had a couple of discussions and they understand that I'm more than happy for them to participate in all the things but they need to be responsible for their stuff. Bags, sports gear, water bottles, inhalers, (healthy) school lunches... that's all on them and they do very well with it. I've been through the "I must do it all myself" phase and while that may be helpful for the kids in the short term, it doesn't prepare them to be responsible and accountable for themselves long term. So this is a big one in our house in order to keep us all organized. And sane. 
Meal Plan. I've talked about this before but it's worth mentioning again... meal planning is absolutely an essential part of staying organized in our house!
My notebook. I may not have a paper planner but I do need some good ol' fashioned notebook paper to keep me organized. This stays in my pocketbook at all times and has my never-ending, life to-do list inside. My budget, bills that need paying, appointments that need to be made, things that I need to get done. Just a constant list for all the little things in life that I'd absolutely forget if I didn't write them down. I'm a list girl so a pretty notebook and colorful pens are a must for me. 

These are the top five things I do in order to keep our lives organized... what are your daily habits to keep your life on track? I'd love to hear your tips!

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