Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday - Post Whole30

She's a big star
Last week I shared with you all of the great things that happened for me as a result of doing the Whole30... I was feeling great, literally better than I had in years! Feeling crappy had become my new normal and I had forgotten that it was possible to feel good all the time. What a welcome feeling!

So what next, what happens after the Whole30?! Post Whole30 you're supposed to do a reintroduction phase... slowly incorporate the food groups that you'd cut out to see what it is that your body can and can't handle. But let's be real here: I didn't do that. After 30 days of cutting everything out of my diet that I thought I loved, I was just so sick of the restrictions. My body didn't miss the junk food but my brain did. I caved hard and fast at the end of my Whole30. It started with a piece of pizza and then continued with a coffee (and cream and sugar) and then cheesecake after that. It turned into 4 days of just eating junk. And it sucked. First of all, the foods that I thought I missed so much? They weren't enjoyable to me at all. They were ok, but never more than ok... the Girl Scout cookies I'd kept in my freezer just waiting for my Whole30 to be done? I ate some and didn't even find them enjoyable. The pizza? Ehh. It was definitely a case of my brain winning out, me eating those foods out of habit instead of want. And it caught up with me really quickly. All that pain that went away? It came right back. A massive headache that I hadn't had in over a month? Boom, I got one. My Plantar Fasciitis pain that had all but vanished? Stronger than ever. Sluggish, tired feeling? You bet.

It sucked, it really did... I'm not proud of the fact that I chose that route after my Whole30 but I will say that it really drove home the lesson to me. The lesson that I CAN feel good and the power is all in my hands. The lesson that this shouldn't just be a 30-day restriction for me, but rather a way of life to ensure that I feel good and healthy. Feeling so bad after eating those foods made me run right back to the grocery store to stock up on the good stuff. It just became the way I want to live my life because I want to feel good, simple as that.

So, where am I today? I've stayed Paleo for the most part, with just a few small exceptions to the Whole30. It's taken a little bit of time to undo the damage I did in regards to my pain but I know that I'm back on the right track.

Pounds lost this week: -1.6 lbs.
Pounds lost in 2015: -20.6 lbs. 
Pounds lost overall: -28.8 lbs.

I'm on vacation next week and I plan to find a compromise... I know I won't stay Whole30 or even Paleo, but I know that I'll make smart decisions based on the fact of knowing how I'll feel if I don't. And once I'm back from Disney, I plan to start another Whole30 right away, that I may extend into a Whole60. I don't think Whole30 is a permanent way to live, but I also know that right now I'm not strong enough to be without those limitations.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday, friends... better known 'round these parts as '1 week until we leave for Disney!'... that's the best way to not dread a Monday morning :) One week left to get everything done that needs to be done... I was saving a lot of that stuff for next weekend and then I panicked yesterday when I realized Ryan has a double-header both Saturday AND Sunday next weekend, one in NH and one locally. Those double-headers take up the majority of the day so yeah, I need to get crackin' on my to-do list!
Thursday night wasn't technically the weekend but just for this post, I'm going to count it as such :) Emily had her cheer banquet to wrap up the season... I was actually in charge of putting the banquet together this year so I had my hands full. It all turned out great though and the girls had a great night! One of Emily's coaches, so dang sweet, made cork board puzzle pieces for all the girls. He personalized them and added pictures so they had something fun to remember the season by, and then explained that he did them as puzzle pieces so that the girls would remember that even when they're apart, they're each a piece of something much bigger when they're put together and always a part of each other. It really was so thoughtful and ridiculously sweet... so nice!

Friday night  was pretty low-key and I watched Rudy with Ryan, something I've wanted to do forever... he'd never seen it before and I knew he'd just love it! Emily fell asleep within the first 5 minutes so I guess she wasn't feeling it but Ryan loved it! And I cried like a baby because I can't watch Rudy without sobbing, it's just not possible.

Saturday morning we slept in a bit and then lounged around the house for a few hours just doing chores. It was so nice to be able to leisurely get up and do things around the house... usually this time of year we're go-go-go from the second we get up so those few hours were nice. Emily had softball practice in the afternoon, followed by baseball for Ryan, and then Emily and I went shopping for some clothes she needs wants for Florida. That was totally unsuccessful... we had a list of several things we wanted to get and couldn't find anything. Store after store after store and we kept coming up empty-handed. Such a bummer... hopefully we'll have better luck this week when we go.
Sunday was my birthday and we finally had some warm weather... I swear I haven't felt the sun in at least 7 months so it was long overdue! With the warm weather and bright sun, I got to spend my day doing my favorite outdoor activity, watching Ryan play baseball :) They were the first games of the season (finally!) so I was definitely in my happy place. Ryan played a great couple of games too so that was the icing on the cake! After his games we went home, did some work in the yard, and then I headed to dinner with a friend when the kids left for their dad's. After dinner we had to head to a meeting for cheering... even though the season is over, the planning and work never ends. All in all it was a pretty great day... my kids, the sunshine, baseball, some Mexican food and time with a good friend... so far 36 isn't too old shabby!

Now onward to a busy but fun week ahead... I've got vacation on the brain and am so ready to get everything done and hop on that plane next Monday! :) Hope you have a great week! 


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Life Lately...

Remember that time (now) I went a month without updating the blog besides my weekly link-up? Yeah, that was weird. I didn't really mean to take a blog break but sometimes the inspiration just doesn't hit you when you sit down to write. So now I'll catch you up a bit on what's been going on in my world although I assure you it hasn't been anything too thrilling :) If you're following me on Instagram, some of these will be repeats.
We are getting SO excited for our Disney trip that's just 11 days away! We're about halfway packed, just missing the things we need to shop for. Last minute mani's & pedi's, hair appointment... all that fun stuff. Of course it feels like the next 11 days will take foreeeever... but considering that I've been waiting to take this trip for almost 9 years, I guess 11 days isn't so bad :) I'm literally looking forward to every single day of our trip but I'm especially excited about a few things in particular... taking Emily to France in EPCOT (girlfriend is obsessed with France!), eating at 'Ohana ('Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind of forgotten... makes me melt every single time I hear that!), being at the Magic Kingdom (my most favorite place in the world!), spending a day relaxing at the pool and exploring the Boardwalk, Emily's birthday... so much to look forward to! I'll likely bore you with a week's worth of recaps when we get back :)
Emily has wrapped up her competition cheering season and we are SO sad to see it end! Emily's team was so great this year, in so many ways... just a great, great group of girls and coaches, not to mention great at their sport... it was a fun season all around! I remember their first competition of the year, it was an exhibition so no one was placed, our girls looked so nervous and just hadn't clicked yet. That made me nervous for the season and after that, things changed SO much! They just clicked and won every single competition after that... so fun to be a part of! Emily has been working hard on her tumbling too and has made a lot of progress really quickly... she even got to implement her back handspring into the routine mid-season. (This video was shot during warm-ups... not sure who was more nervous, her or me! ;)) I still tear up watching videos of their performances... just an all-around great group of girls and coaches and I truly couldn't be more proud of them!
Baseball season has sort of begun for Ryan... sort of in the sense that he was supposed to start games at the end of last month but they haven't been able to get on the fields yet because of the weather. We traveled to Long Island, NY a couple of weeks ago for a tournament only to have it cancelled once we were out there. The boys had fun being together at the hotel for the weekend, playing at Dave & Buster's, and going out to eat constantly, but I had one sad kid on my hands that just wanted to play baseball. Hopefully he'll be able to get out on that dirt soon! That last picture is probably my favorite memory of the whole weekend... you can't tell from the picture but I remember it so clearly. I had just walked into the lobby the morning that we were all heading out after the last of our games were cancelled and Ryan and a bunch of his friends/teammates were sitting there not saying a word, with long, sad faces. Those faces made me sad but what melted my heart is that they were all sitting on each other's laps, sharing chairs, resting their heads on each other, etc. It was so dang sweet! You don't often see teenage boys acting like that but it just melted my heart that when they were so bummed out, they were leaning (literally!) on each other.

Easter was good, pretty low-key for us this year and it was much needed! Egg decorating, candy and a few gifts in their baskets, and of course the real reason for the special day... this was my favorite social media Easter post that I saw, I just love it...
And yes, that's Becca from "The Bachelor"... I think she's stunning and is totally goals.

I've been allll about the music lately, as if that's a far stretch from normal... but seriously, give me all the good music.
And if it's quotes you want, I have those too... my Instagram is full of them :)

The MLB season is upon us and clearly my heart is happy! 

Oh, did you want to talk about how Zayn left One Direction and broke my daughter's heart?! Because that totally happened. The texts between my 30-something friends and I were pretty comical... but seriously, broke my heart. See, even Ellen and her producer get it...
Ahh, well... maybe tickets will be cheaper for this summer's concert?! One can hope!

My social media feeds tell me that's been about it that's been going on in our world... lots of the same old, same old really. Not very exciting for you to read about but I needed to get caught up... even though I've been super uninspired to write lately, I do miss it and want to keep better track of our memories!


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday - Whole30 Results

Weigh In Wednesday 

Whole30 discussion time... hope you guys have a minute because I have a lot to say :) This whole process has been a huge learning experience for me and I really want to share all that I can to encourage others to find something (Whole30 or otherwise) that makes them feel the way that Whole30 has made me feel. Let's start at the beginning, the reasons I did Whole30 in the first place, and whether or not I found success in those areas:

Weight loss: Yes, I lost 15 lbs. during my Whole30, but honestly, this is so low on my list of successes that I don't even think about it. Of course I loved seeing a smaller number on the scale but the other benefits, the way I've felt on Whole30, are better than any weight loss!

Nutrition: I wanted to nourish my body during this Whole30 and I did just that. Every single thing that I was putting in my body was making me more healthy and that was my number one goal.

Sleep: Definitely improved but it took until weeks 2-3 to see an improvement. I still have a long way to go on this one but I did see an improvement.

Energy: I never got the "tiger blood" that so many Whole30'ers reference but I did feel a whole lot more energy. I didn't feel it in the sense where I wanted to go out and run a marathon, but I noticed that every night when I got home from work, I was always up and about doing things around the house. I was never sitting still, I was getting so much accomplished... and that was a welcome and long overdue change!

Skin: Definitely a huge improvement.

Brain: I haven't noticed a big change yet but I'm certainly not giving up!

Food: Ohh, food. Did my thoughts and relationship with food change over the course of my Whole30? You bet it did! In ways I never imagined it would. The biggest change (that I never even anticipated) was that I don't think about food now all day long like I used to. When I was 'dieting' and trying to lose weight, I'd literally think about food all day because I was hungry. I'd have my (too small and not enough nutrients) breakfast, and then I'd be looking forward to my mid-morning snack, and after that I was thinking about what I was having for lunch. Not anymore, thank goodness. Now I eat a breakfast that fuels me all morning long and I don't even think about food until I look at the clock and realize that it's past lunch time. I can't even tell you how good of a feeling that is! The other big change is that I truly view food as fuel now. I value what I put in my body as something that's going to make me more healthy. I'm not saying I'm perfect or my bad habits have been cured in 30 days, but I have seen a giant shift.

Health: Well I can't gauge that myself but I'm confident that eating this way can only contribute to good health.

Those were the original points that I was trying to address with my Whole30 but there were a couple of other big changes that I wanted to share as well:

Pain: I've lived in pain for a long time... headaches, neck problems, etc. While my neck is still an issue, I didn't have a single headache during the duration of my Whole30. That's huge for me. Huge. I've also been dealing with Plantar Fasciitis in both of my feet for the last several months. After a couple of weeks on Whole30, the PF pain subsided SO much! It was still there, but SO minimal compared to what it had been. I can't even tell you how happy I was for that... such welcome relief!

Lean: I still have weight to lose, I know that... but I felt SO much leaner during my Whole30. The bloat (that I didn't realize I had) was gone and my clothes were all getting baggy. I went down a size in jeans! And those changes happened pretty quickly for me once I started my Whole30. By week 2, clothes were baggy, and there's nothing more motivating than that! This is exactly why the pounds don't matter so much to me right now. I've dieted before and lost 15 lbs. and not felt an ounce of difference in my clothes. This time, I felt a difference really quickly, so I know the weight that I was losing was much more meaningful than in the past.

Taking care of myself: It's really sad how easy it is to let yourself slide down to the bottom of your priority list and I'm most definitely a victim of that. During my Whole30, as I started feeling better overall, I started doing my make-up all the time again, doing more with my hair, and just taking overall better care of my body. It may sound silly but I'm SO glad that came back. I love make-up, I love hair, I love fashion... but you'd never know that by the way I present myself lately. I'm so happy and thankful to be changing that!

Are you guys sick of hearing about Whole30 yet? I'll have one last post next post next week filling you in on what's next, what happens for me after Whole30.

And now for the weigh-in portion of 'Weigh-In Wednesday', here's where I'm at:

Pounds lost during Whole30: -15.0 lbs.
Pounds lost in 2015: -19.0 lbs. 
Pounds lost overall: -27.2 lbs.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday 

There's SO much I want to talk to you guys about Whole30, I have way too much to say! I'm going to need a few days to gather my thoughts so come back for next week's Weigh-In Wednesday for my results, thoughts, and what's next after the Whole30 for me!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday - Baggy Jeans & Almost There

Weigh In Wednesday 

A big day for Weigh-In Wednesday! :) Today we welcome our new co-host, Winter from No Drama Little Mama! Winter has been linking up with us for a long time and has lost almost 50 lbs. on her weight loss journey! We hope you'll check out her blog and join us in welcoming her as a host to Weigh-In Wednesday! 

I also want to thank one of my very favorite bloggers, Erin at Love, Fun and Football, for creating our new link-up button! In addition to being one of everybody's favorite blog reads, Erin is also a great blog designer! She's designed over 100 blogs and can help with any blog needs, big or small! 

Now onto Weigh-In Wednesday without a weigh-in :) I'm 23 days into Whole30... 23 freakin' days! On one hand it's gone by fast and I'm so grateful for all I've learned... on the other hand, I'm so.freakin'.bored. with food. That's my own fault because I definitely need to change things up and try new recipes... but I haven't branched out much which means I've been eating a lot of the same foods over and over and over again. But even so, I'm really so thankful to this Whole30 for teaching me so much about food and the way my body works.

Oh and let's take about jeans :) I'm nowhere near the size I want to be in jeans but I am officially back down a size... progress that you can see and feel like that is the best motivation in the world to keep going!!! My big goal was to be down a size before our trip to Florida... like I said, not where I want to be overall but it's progress... and I made it there more than a full month before we leave. I want to feel good during our trip and I know this Whole30 has given me the most amount of progress in a short amount to do just that. 

At this point, it doesn't really matter what the scale says... I'm seeing and feeling results, and that's more important than any number on the scale! Do I want to see the scale go down once I hit day 31? Of course I do. But I know that leading up to this Whole30 I'd lost almost 15 lbs. and hadn't been able to tell an ounce of a difference... so I feel like this is about so much more than a number on the scale... this is about being healthy, learning a new lifestyle and wanting to continue on with it (with a few less restrictions), and seeing quality improvements in my body! As long as those improvements are happening, the scale just doesn't matter... much ;)

Now onward with my last week of Whole30... I think I can, I think I can... :)
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