Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

I love a good old fashioned link-up to give me blogging motivation :) Today it's 'What's Up Wednesday' with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel!

What we're eating this week - Three words: too.much.takeout. Baseball season always means eating out a lot for us but I think this year may be the worst yet. Like I don't even know the last time I went full on grocery shopping. As you can imagine, it's hard to stay healthy while eating out all the time so I'm reining it back in this week! This girl needs some vegetables!

What I'm reminiscing about - Not too much right now... I need time to recover from all the end-of-school reminiscing!

What I'm loving - Kids who help out! Between work and being pulled in 50 different directions everyday outside of work, sometimes I just can't do it all. The fact that my kids pitch in and get themselves organized, packed up, and ready for the next day's activities is a HUGE help to me!
What we've been up to - Work, baseball, baseball, baseball, tumbling, repeat. Honestly, I'm starting to run out of steam. Mama needs a day to catch up on life but my calendar says that's not happening any time soon!

What I'm dreading - the dentist! I'm way overdue for an appointment but I absolutely loathe going to the dentist!

What I'm working on - a new career path :)
What I'm excited about - summer... kids can sleep in, play all day, stay up late, and we don't have to pack lunches or worry about homework for the next two months!

What I'm watching/reading - been glued to the College World Series the last couple of weeks (when we're home long enough to watch!)... hopefully tonight I'll get to see my boys win their second National Championship!

What I'm listening to - Kenny Chesney's The Big Revival... this album came out last fall and I'm still listening to it in my car. A lot of the songs are different than anything he's ever done before and listening makes me more than ready to see him later this summer! Long overdue! I'm also loving Keith Urban's new song "John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16" and Kip Moore's new album can't get here fast enough!
What I'm wearing - maxi skirts!

What I'm doing this weekend - Staying home, cleaning house, and getting caught up on laundry! Ha - just kidding! Heading to MA on Saturday for Ryan's double-header and then back home for another double-header on Sunday.
What I'm looking forward to next month - It sounds silly to say that I'm excited for my kids to go away to camp but I am. I don't like them being away from home but I absolutely love the memories they're making! They both love their camps so dang much... it's comforting to know how much they love being there and that they'll be making memories that'll last a lifetime.

What else is new - well I bought my first Christmas present of the year this week! It's a little early, even for me, but so it begins!
What are you doing for the 4th of July - I'm not sure yet, right now I can't really think that far ahead! I'm sure it'll involve food, friends, family and being on the water or at a pool!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Recap

I'm sure you guys are sick of hearing about baseball here on my blog but it's what we do almost every day so I can't really avoid posting about it. This weekend was no exception as Ryan had a tournament down in MA for his travel team. Before that though, he had a game on Friday night for his local Babe Ruth team...
Sighh, my catcher looks so big!
We hit the road early Saturday morning for his tournament and arrived to find a pretty awesome location! The field itself wasn't the greatest but the view was hard to beat!
The boys played two games on Saturday (1-1) and were supposed to have two more on Sunday but those were postponed because of weather. We knew the bad weather was coming and there was no way we'd be playing on Sunday but we decided to keep our hotel reservations and stay overnight anyways so the kids could all have some fun! Some baseball, The Cheesecake Factory, swimming at the hotel, and a couch full of boys watching sports in the lobby until they could barely keep their eyes open... all signs of a successful road trip! :) 
Something I noticed (and loved!) this weekend was that no matter where we were, these boys were always sitting SO close to each other... so sweet! Whether it was watching another game, at dinner, or sitting on the couch watching ESPN, they were just always so close. 5-6 boys crammed on one couch trying to keep their eyes open late at night... sweetest sight ever! :) At one point someone asked the boys "could you SIT any closer to each other?!" but I don't even think they realized they were doing it. Such good boys, they really are... warms my heart! :) We have to head back this weekend to finish up the tournament on Saturday and then back home for two more games on Sunday... baseball baseball baseball!

Aside from Ryan's sports schedule that rules our days right now, Emily is getting ready to head off to two different summer camps in the next couple of weeks! First up is a 3-night/4-day cheer camp with 21 of her teammates... those girls are going to have an absolute blast! Cheer camp by itself would be fun but going with 21 other girls?! Too much fun! She'll come home from that and be home less than 24 hours before she's off to her beloved summer camp for two weeks! That's been on my mind a lot lately and I'm sure I sound sappy (because I am!) but you can read about that on my Instagram and why this sweet envelope in the mail today warmed my heart... :)
That's it from here about our weekend... hope you all had a lovely one!


Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites - Last Day of School Edition

Friday Favorites... spending the evening of the last day of school with my favorite ladies and a lot of my favorite kiddos while having dinner and down time at the beach. Summer living in Maine doesn't get any better, it really doesn't... 
These girls were all about cheering and stunting and tumbling all evening long... no surprise there! Simple moments are always my favorite and this night was full of them!


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Babies Don't Keep...

It's been an emotional few weeks for me as I've thought about the end of another school year for my kids. These milestones always hit me hard and they don't seem to ever get easier. Having Ryan grow up so fast has always crushed my heart but, as a consolation, I've always had Emily still being a "little kid" to fall back on. So while his milestones are still crushingly painful, having a "little" one softens the blow just a bit. Until now. Now Emily is going into middle school and I just can't pretend that she's a little kid anymore. Middle school. I literally can't even deal with that.
Emily's 1st day of 3rd grade
I remember Emily's first day of 3rd grade, the first day at a new school where the 3 primary schools in our town merge together for elementary school. I remember standing out front of the school, so happy to see all the kids on such an exciting first day... lots of nervousness but even more excitement.  I texted friends who had sent their kids on the bus and let them know that their babies were doing great. I literally feel like that day was yesterday... and I don't just say that as a figure of speech, it really does feel like yesterday.
Last day of 5th grade
I had to go to school this morning to pick up Emily's inhalers from the nurse and as I walked through the halls I had to fight back the tears... it hit me like a ton of bricks that, as a family, we're officially done with elementary school. As the nurse handed me Emily's bag of meds she said "no more kids in elementary school for you!"... I had to turn away because the tears were forming, the weight of that statement already sitting on me like a ton of bricks. I got to my car and sobbed, and then I sobbed the whole way to work. Time really does go so fast and, so far, Emily's journey through elementary school has been my biggest case of 'how did that happen so fast?!'. Yesterday I was dropping her off for 3rd grade and now, in just about an hour, she'll officially be a middle schooler. Absolutely crazy to me. She's ready... soo ready... but this mama's heart is a little bit broken inside!
And next year? Well, we won't even discuss that right now because next year I'll have one going into high school and I can't even think about that yet.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday Has Moved!

You've probably already noticed over the last couple of weeks but the weekly 'Weigh-In Wednesday' link-up has moved! Both Heather and I were feeling like it was time to move on. While I love connecting with others who are on a weight loss journey, I was getting sick of being so focused on my own journey. Sure, it takes a lot of dedication and commitment to reach your goals and those goals are certainly still a priority of mine... but it was draining thinking and talking about it constantly. I'm still here, I still have weight to lose, and I'm sure I'll still post about it from time to time... just not every week.

Winter had joined Heather and I recently as a co-host of our link-up and she'll be continuing it each week with her new co-host, Cassi. Click here to link-up with them or just to read the linked-up posts each week!

Good luck to everyone who continues their journey... you are certainly not alone!


Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Favorites...

TGIF!!! The fact that it's finally Friday is most definitely a favorite around these parts... it's been a week, let me tell you! I'm linking up with Erika, Narci, and Andrea to share some of the rest of my (very random!) 'Friday Favorites'...
I've gone through so many different hair products that don't mesh good with my hair... honestly, most products just leave my hair snarly and annoying, and even my beloved straightener hasn't been doing the job lately either. I've always had round brushes but decided I needed an even bigger one so I picked this one up from Target and it's made a world of difference in my hair! I only use a couple of products in my hair (Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus and Moroccan Oil) everyday and then this round brush while I dry it... game changer. No straightener or curling iron needed... soo much easier and the way it makes my hair look is definitely my favorite!
My favorite beauty vlogger has been recommending beautyblender forever and I finally bought 2 of them... it's definitely become one of my very favorite beauty products! It's another game changer... it applies foundation better than anything I've ever used and gives me better overall coverage with a matte finish. Love it!
When I first started using my beautyblender I wasn't sure how to clean it. Rinsing it didn't get any of the residue off so the next time I was in Sephora I asked them what to use. They recommended the beautyblender solid and although I was a little wary of the price, I'm so glad I bought it. It's simple and works like a charm so it's definitely my favorite. I don't want to be doing my skin a disservice by not cleaning my beautyblender so it's definitely worth every penny.
Listen, I gave up being the Pinterest mom a while ago. I tried, I really did... but somewhere around the time I was making Santa Hats at 11pm after a long day when I was absolutely exhausted I vowed never again. The kids could care less about those things anyways, it's just the other adults you're trying to impress and you know what? I just don't have the time or energy. No thank you. I still have to send in food for different school events though and my Thirty One Perfect Party Set is my favorite thing to carry everything in because it makes me feel, for a minute, like I have my life together. There might not be a Pinterest-worthy creation inside that carrier but at least it's a pretty presentation... and these days, that's good enough for me.
My favorite thing to serve at school / sports functions this time of year? Watermelon! I go through so much of it this time of year and I don't mind one little bit. Just in the last week I've brought one to Ryan's baseball games for his teammates to eat during their double-header, one to Emily's classroom for a school function, and then one for us to have at home. I love love love that all the kids are eating something healthy and that they just gobble it right up. In Emily's classroom yesterday, the watermelon was the first thing gone among a whole table of chips, popcorn, cookies, etc. I was so happy to see kids munching on slices of watermelon everywhere I looked. Good stuff!
This album, you guys... get it. It's so, SO good... seriously the best thing to bless my ears in a while... obsessed. Favorite favorite favorite...
I finallyyyy bought myself an erin condren life planner and I really love it! The only downfall I've found is that when I was using my phone's calendar to run my everyday life, having the alerts to remind me of appointments helped so much. Now that I don't have that to fall back on, I need to get used to checking my planner more often. That shouldn't be a problem since I have it open all day everyday on my desk... partly because I need it and party because I like looking at it :) Definitely my favorite thing that I carry around everyday! They just released their new 2015-2016 life planners... if you'd like to make a purchase, you can use my referral link for $10 off!
Now I need a recommendation of your favorite primer! I haven't found a good one that I love yet... I'm currently using this BECCA Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector that I picked up at Sephora. It's ok, works decent, but I'm not in love with it. If you have a primer that you love and recommend, let me know!

That's it for my favorites this week... hope you all have a great weekend! Before you go, tell me: what's one of your favorites from this week?

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