Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 5 @ Disney - EPCOT

You guys, I'm having major Disney withdrawal. The Disney hangover sadness is for real! Orlando is not an area that I'd want to raise my kids but the nagging desire for me to back working at Disney is strong! My fellow Disney addicts will understand... I hope! If not, well then maybe I'm just a little crazy :)

Back to my recap and we're up to day 5 which was spent at EPCOT. Full disclosure: EPCOT is my least favorite park. It also has some of my very favorite parts in all of Disney (World Showcase)! I'm nothing if not a walking contradiction sometimes! :) I could easily skip EPCOT if it wasn't for the World Showcase but Ryan actually loves this park so it's still a must-do for our family. Save for Soarin' and Test Track, I get pretty bored at EPCOT so I'll just let our pictures do the talking...
Because even though I don't like EPCOT, I can't help but take 5646512 pictures of Spaceship Earth
The ducks are friendly at Disney too! ;) 
Never too old to love on the characters! ;)
Chip wanted to dance with my girl!
After the morning and early afternoon, we needed an EPCOT break so we headed back to the hotel for some downtime before heading back for our Test Track FastPass, dinner at Coral Reef, and my favorite, World Showcase!
Ryan & Grandpa designing their car for Test Track
Emily took control of designing our car... pink and bling, shocker! ;)
I apparently didn't take many pics during dinner at Coral Reef. The view was fun (not often you get to eat dinner with sharks swimming by) but the food and service was mediocre, at best. I wouldn't go back or recommend it. 
Now onto World Showcase! Given my love of traveling, my desire to see so much of this big ol' world, and my fascination with different buildings and architecture, World Showcase is absolutely my happy place! I love being immersed in the different cultures, if only for a few hours. This night was so fun... the sun was setting, the weather was cooling off a bit, and I just loved visiting all the different countries... 
The annual Flower & Garden Festival was happening and this Sorcerer Mickey topiary was on the way into World Showcase
Loved all of the fun topiaries... including this one of Peter Pan
I was in my glory with all of the different buildings... love love love!
I have no idea what they were laughing about... knowing my dad, it could have been anything! ;)

Hiiii France... Emily was SO excited, she's obsessed with Paris and the rest of France
Because of Emily, we spent the most amount of time in France... looking around, shopping, and eating at the bakery :)
Beauty and the Beast... in France, of course!
On our way out of France
Lady and the Tramp in Italy
I had wanted to stay for Illuminations since it's my favorite nighttime show in all of Disney but we just ended up listening to it on the way out to beat the crowd to the buses. We stopped at Club Cool on the way out to try some of the different Coca-Cola drinks from around the world. It's fun to be able to sample them but I don't think I'll be trying any of them again any time soon... yuck! ;)
One last shot of Spaceship Earth on the way out!
That wraps up our day at EPCOT... like I said, not a favorite of mine by any means but I'll go for the sake of World Showcase any day of the week!

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