Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Emily's 1st Day of Middle School

Ready or not, we're back in school over here! Emily started school this morning and Ryan will start tomorrow... they're back to being in the same school this year but Emily goes a day earlier because *gulp* it's her first day in Middle School. Just typing that makes the tears well up in my eyes... these milestones have always been hard on me and I'm sure they always will be. For so long I've watched Ryan go through these milestones and while doing so, I still had a 'little one' by my side... but now she's in Middle School and there's just no more pretending that she's 'little'.
Sixth grade. No more Elementary School. She and her friends are so ready, although I'm not sure I'm fully prepared. I have literally watched this group of girls go from kids to little ladies right in front of my very eyes all summer long, almost like watching a movie. It's been so surreal. All the 1st day of school pics that are being posted all over social media just blow my mind. A few short months ago these girls were little kids... and now they're not. It's been so beautiful to watch, but also a little heartbreaking.

So there she is, off to 6th grade, whether my mama heart is ready or not!

As she laid in bed last night, I asked her some fun questions so that we can look back on and compare answers in the future...

Best friend: Ava, Alexis, Izzy and Kelsey
Favorite sport: Cheering
Favorite color: blue and pink
Favorite TV show: Jessie
Favorite movie: "I don't like movies"
Favorite singer: Zayn (Malik)
Where do you want to go to college: UCF, UCLA, or Colorado
Where do you want to travel to: Paris, London, Hawaii, Australia & Alaska (she gets her wanderlust from her mama! :) )
What do you want to be when you grow up: Architect and Interior Designer

And just because I'm a sucker for a good throwback (and a good jean jacket, apparently!), here's Emily on her 1st day of Kindergarten and now...
My beauty.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

I really, really want to get back into blogging more... I have some memories from this summer that I want to document and things I need to write about... but for some reason, I'm still unsettled about it. Maybe getting back into the swing of things with a linkup will help... so today I'm linking up with Shay, Sheaffer and Mel for 'What's Up Wednesday'.
What we're eating this week... we're still in summer mode over here so we're making the transition from no schedule to school schedule, which means meals have been a little sporadic over here. Grabbing whatever we feel like whenever we feel like it... yikes! Time to do some meal planning and prep because that's long overdue. I do know that tonight for dinner we're having Cracklin' Chicken, potatoes, and fresh local green beans... but that's as far ahead as I go right now.
What I'm reminiscing about... this past weekend. We seriously had the best time away with friends... we headed out first thing Saturday morning and headed to our hotel in CT, the kids swam all.day.long. and played basketball and we had pizza for dinner and just talked, laughed, and played until it was time for bed. Sunday we got up and headed to Six Flags for the day and got home super late Sunday night / early Monday morning. So worth it, we had a blast!
What I'm loving... my girl friends. Life is so much sweeter going through it with good friends by your side. Having friends is a blessing, for sure, but finding your tribe? It's such a blessing that I can't even put it into words. 
What we've been up to... getting ready for school while trying to soak up the last bits of summer. We're pretty much done school shopping, supplies are packed and ready to go, and the kids are finishing up their last bits of summer homework. School is on the horizon, sadly!

What I'm dreading... school starting. I've never been one of those moms who look forward to the kids going back to school... sure, the structure and routine is nice, but I'd much rather be home with them all day everyday :)

What I'm working on... getting back to blogging!

What I'm excited about... fall, kind of. All of you bloggers and Instagrammers who are rushing fall are giving me anxiety! I am excited for all things fall... leaves and pumpkins and hot coffee and apple picking and cooler weather and boots and SEC football... but I can wait :) Summer first!

What I'm watching / reading... I was down and out yesterday with a massive headache so while I was home I watched way too many episodes of "Chopped". Love that show and I certainly got my fill yesterday! And "Teen Mom 2" every week because I'm obsessed.
What I'm listening to... Kip Moore's new album, Wild Ones. Seriously obsessed. His voice is so raw, I absolutely love it, and his songs are perfect.

What I'm wearing... right now? Cropped leggings, a Boyfriend Tee, and my new Converse. I was a little nervous that I was too old for Converse considering I was buying them for my 11 year old daughter at the same time but I love them!
What I'm doing this weekend... heading here to see him :)

What I'm looking forward to next month... going back to camp with Emily for Mother / Daughter Weekend.

What else is new... nothing too exciting :)

That catches me up for today... if you want to link up with the girls, click here.


Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Weekend Recap

A weekend recap on a Tuesday... I guess that's what you get when my boss is out on vacation and my Monday is, well, a Monday. This week I'm linking up with Erin for her new 'What About the Weekend?' link-up.
Friday night I worked late, stopped at the car wash, and then headed to pick up Emily and two of her teammates at cheer practice. They had choreography for their all-star team all last week and since it was the last day of choreography, they let the parents watch for a few minutes at the end. Very exciting to see their routine start to come together! Those girls worked so hard all last week and it showed! I can't wait to watch them compete once they've practiced for a few more months and the competition season actually gets here. Here's a couple of videos of Emily just playing around before it was time to head home...
Saturday was our first day at home with not much to do in absolutely forever and we made good use of it! With school starting soon, it was time to organize and purge... two of my favorite things! We cleaned out toy boxes and closets and clothes and just threw away stuff we didn't need. I love throwing stuff away and getting it out of my house... is that weird?! I can't help it, it's therapeutic for me! We made a quick grocery store run where my kids checked us out... 
I'm not even kidding, every.single.time. I use the self-check out, there's a problem! So this time the kids took over and, of course, it worked just fine! They have the magic touch, apparently.

Sunday morning I got up and met a friend for our nail appointment... I love making mundane tasks like this so much better by coordinating them with a friend! Sure it's just an hour of our time but spending that hour together and catching up is always much needed and well spent!
The afternoon was spent back at the baseball field as Ryan had tryouts for next year. Fingers crossed! Completely unexpectedly, Emily ran into one of her very best camp friends at Ryan's tryouts so they were so happy! The girl lives in our area (but not in our town) and her brother was trying out for the same organization that Ryan plays for... such a fun unexpected surprise!
And just like that, it was Sunday evening and it was time to start thinking about work on Monday morning! All in all, a pretty relaxing weekend and much needed at this point in the summer! I know this was a pretty boring weekend recap but sometimes a boring weekend is just what we all need!


Thursday, August 6, 2015

Life Lately...

Hi everyone... long time no see! I'm at a crossroads with my blog right now and am not sure what the future holds for it. I love coming here to write, it's very therapeutic for me... and I love documenting our day-to-day memories and looking back at them through this blog. I also love connecting with so many people I've met through blogging... some of those people I consider friends and I wouldn't have met them if it wasn't for blogging. Those are all the positives for me and why I'm here writing today. But there are negatives for me too. I'm a mom, first and foremost, that'll always be my most important role... and as my kids get older, I struggle with sharing about them on my blog. They're their own person and they have the right to be responsible for their own online presence... they use Google, their friends use Google, and I don't want this blog showing up to their friends and classmates and making them uncomfortable. Not that I post anything too deep about them, but still. And lastly, my readers. While the vast majority of my readers are lovely and make this an enjoyable experience, there are some that aren't and don't. Mostly people in my real life. People that only care to read in order to try and grasp something to criticize you for. Ridiculous, really... but we all have those people and I honestly don't care to share my life with them. I so wish I could pick and choose who reads this blog. I know I can do that by making it a private blog... which I've toyed with over the last several weeks. Suffice it to say I'm unsure what will happen next here on this space of mine. Right now though I have some memories that I want to document so here I am :)

First things first, I need to catch you up on a little life lately... not that it's anything too terribly exciting, but I wouldn't feel caught up if I didn't post this!
There was a lot of baseball... you guys know how much I love baseball but, for the first time ever, I think I was ready for the season to be over. It was exhausting for all of us by the end of it. Lots of fun, lots of playing the game he loves for Ryan and I'm grateful for that... but I'm also grateful for just a little bit of a break! :)
Sticking with the baseball theme, we received this notice a couple of weeks ago... proud mama! :)
His dad had to fill in for him at the awards ceremony because he was - where else - away playing baseball! This was the fourth year he's gone to baseball camp out in Williamsport, PA, where they have the Little League World Series. He's eligible to go for one more year but we'll have to see how that plays out... he has his sights set on a camp in Nashville, TN next summer so Williamsport may be a thing of the past.
Emily has had camp too, two of them actually. First up was a week of cheer camp with 22 of her teammates... they had such a great time and worked their little tails off! They work hard at this camp and cheer for 12+ hours a day... no rest for the weary, that's for sure! While she was there she got nominated for NCA All-American... in the cheer world, that's a very big deal! Being nominated opens up a lot of opportunities for you... chances to travel all over the country (and beyond!) to cheer at special events with cheerleaders from all across the U.S. We're not going to participate in any of the events this year but I have a feeling we're in for lots of traveling and making fun memories over the next several years with NCA... at least I hope! :)
I'm not kidding when I tell you she was so tired she was delirious when she got home from cheer camp... I've never seen her that tired! She slept for 12 of the next 18 hours and then was off to her 2-week overnight camp, her favorite part of summer every year!
Much more on that summer camp in a blog post coming soon!
There's been some other summer fun mixed in and there will continue to be more as we soak up these last few weeks before school starts!
Summer is tiring too! :)
We had a nice 4th of July where we went up to my mom's camp on the lake for a cookout.
There was more baseball but this time it was watching instead of playing as the AA All-Star game was held here in our area. This pic of the boys watching the fireworks after that game reminded me of this...
Those same boys watching the fireworks almost exactly a year ago at their tournament in Cooperstown last summer! :)
25park is my faaavorite account on Instagram... seriously, love her! Give her a follow if you're not following already... and thank me later!
I've been missing Disney like crazy lately... all day, everyday basically. That place lives deep in my heart! I still need to recap our last day of vacation here on the blog and am hoping to have some career news for you soon too! :)
Emily has started on an all-star travel cheer team so she'll be doing that and her local rec team this year. She loves it and we're excited to cheer at bigger comps and travel with her teammates this year. This week they have choreography 5-6 hours a day... lots of fun but it wears my girl out! Her hair was looking a hot mess when she got done last night! :)

Ryan starts travel soccer next week, the first unofficial sign of fall for us. The next few weeks will be filled with that, finishing up school shopping, some Kenny Chesney concerts and a girls weekend for me, and one last weekend of fun for the summer at the end of this month... lots to squeeze in before the first of September! I'm excited to make some more memories with those kids of mine and send them back to school with a fun summer to look back on! :)

I hope everyone is doing well... I've been lurking and reading blogs but haven't been commenting much. I'm a lot more active on Instagram these days than I am on the blog (clearly!) so if you want to keep up with me there, give me a follow! I will be back soon, promise!


Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

I love a good old fashioned link-up to give me blogging motivation :) Today it's 'What's Up Wednesday' with Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel!

What we're eating this week - Three words: too.much.takeout. Baseball season always means eating out a lot for us but I think this year may be the worst yet. Like I don't even know the last time I went full on grocery shopping. As you can imagine, it's hard to stay healthy while eating out all the time so I'm reining it back in this week! This girl needs some vegetables!

What I'm reminiscing about - Not too much right now... I need time to recover from all the end-of-school reminiscing!

What I'm loving - Kids who help out! Between work and being pulled in 50 different directions everyday outside of work, sometimes I just can't do it all. The fact that my kids pitch in and get themselves organized, packed up, and ready for the next day's activities is a HUGE help to me!
What we've been up to - Work, baseball, baseball, baseball, tumbling, repeat. Honestly, I'm starting to run out of steam. Mama needs a day to catch up on life but my calendar says that's not happening any time soon!

What I'm dreading - the dentist! I'm way overdue for an appointment but I absolutely loathe going to the dentist!

What I'm working on - a new career path :)
What I'm excited about - summer... kids can sleep in, play all day, stay up late, and we don't have to pack lunches or worry about homework for the next two months!

What I'm watching/reading - been glued to the College World Series the last couple of weeks (when we're home long enough to watch!)... hopefully tonight I'll get to see my boys win their second National Championship!

What I'm listening to - Kenny Chesney's The Big Revival... this album came out last fall and I'm still listening to it in my car. A lot of the songs are different than anything he's ever done before and listening makes me more than ready to see him later this summer! Long overdue! I'm also loving Keith Urban's new song "John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16" and Kip Moore's new album can't get here fast enough!
What I'm wearing - maxi skirts!

What I'm doing this weekend - Staying home, cleaning house, and getting caught up on laundry! Ha - just kidding! Heading to MA on Saturday for Ryan's double-header and then back home for another double-header on Sunday.
What I'm looking forward to next month - It sounds silly to say that I'm excited for my kids to go away to camp but I am. I don't like them being away from home but I absolutely love the memories they're making! They both love their camps so dang much... it's comforting to know how much they love being there and that they'll be making memories that'll last a lifetime.

What else is new - well I bought my first Christmas present of the year this week! It's a little early, even for me, but so it begins!
What are you doing for the 4th of July - I'm not sure yet, right now I can't really think that far ahead! I'm sure it'll involve food, friends, family and being on the water or at a pool!

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